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Carpet Cleaning & Window Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning

Mortensen and Son Carpet Cleaning Services, centrally located in Dublin, CA, considers it a privilege to help their clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. No job is too large or small, offering three types of carpet cleaning for your convenience:

  • Extraction – Using state-of-the-art truck-mounted a Carpet Steam Cleaning system, your carpets are pre-stain and spot-cleaned in high traffic areas. Using this method, the solution is then extracted with high-heat water at a strong PSI into the carpet and then the polluted water is drawn out with a strong (CFM) cubic force per minute, leaving your carpet moist to the touch, not wet. This method means that your carpet will dry at a faster rate, more evenly, and any spots will not return.
  • Host Dry Cleaning – Often customers will ask for this method for certain carpets that they request not to get wet.
  • Bonnet Cleaning – an Encapsulating system is a shampoo for carpets such as Olefin – a synthetic fiber mostly used in cleaning commercial businesses.

Mortensen and Son is proud to offer you, our valued customer, a choice in carpet cleaning services. With technicians educated in these specific areas of cleaning, you are assured the very best in service and “deep-down” clean that is safe, non-toxic, and leaving you with a clean fresh scent.

Window Cleaning

Selecting Mortensen and Son for your efficient window cleaning services is a brilliant choice. Never having to drag out the ladder and squeegee again to clean your own windows…priceless!

Licensed, bonded, and insured to professionally clean and help make your home or office windows sparkle, your crew at Mortenson and Son provides peace of mind in that your spring cleaning or special- event cleaning job will be a great reflection on you.

Your windows, screens and tracks will be expertly cleaned both inside and out leaving your home or work environment with an unprecedented clean. Providing all necessary equipment, your crew assures a job well-done and on time.

Rely on Mortensen and Son window cleaning services. They will truly…brighten your day!

Upholstery Cleaning

If keeping your furniture upholstery in company condition is challenging just from the rigors of everyday life, the professionals at Mortensen and Son have a solution for you.

Your team of specialists takes pride in their approach to expertly cleaning and caring for your upholstery. They will leave no question about their expertise and professionalism.

Lifting stains and removing the common contaminants that seek out your upholstery is what “our” team does best.

Mortensen and Son considers it a privilege to work with the many materials and fabrics that keep your lifestyle what it is… comfortable. They are trained cleaning authorities who understand how to care for all materials including:

  • Silk
  • Suede
  • Ultrasuede
  • Velvet

Trust the professionals at Mortensen and Son to leave your upholstery clean, fresh, and stunning. Be a material witness.

Mortensen and Son does clean like no other! Be sure to remember us when your carpets need love too!

Pressure Washing

Removing loose dirt, grime, dust, paint, mud, and mold from surfaces such as buildings, concrete, and indoor hard areas, would be challenging without the use of a pressure washer; a high-powered sprayer used both commercially, and in, and around the home.

Using efficient and environmentally-friendly techniques, Mortensen and Son’s skilled cleaning specialists offer an updated, “like-new” appeal with their pressure washing services.

Pressure washing will benefit the following:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Apartment buildings
  • Industrial kitchens
  • Parking lots
  • HOA / Community property areas
  • Residences, and more

Mortensen and Son – your solution for all of your pressure washing needs!

Remember that we can help with EMERGENCY Clean-Up and post Construction-Clean-Up as well.

Let the experts at Mortensen and Son provide you with an unprecedented clean on all of your exterior and appropriate interior surfaces.

Tile & Grout

Stone, tile and grout offer beauty to your home or office. Your bath, shower, walls, countertops and flooring once lovely; accumulates dirt, stains and imperfections in the gaps and cracks. Encrusted and dirty grout cannot be cleaned with a brush and soapy cleaner since grout is porous, creating a playground for impurities.

The tile and grout specialists at Mortensen and Son can get a deep-down clean with their professional tile and grout cleaning services. Technician know-how can revive the gleam and life to your stone, tile and grout.

Utilizing a safe and effective water pressure and vacuum process that removes dirt and grime, your affected area will return to the attractive tile and grout that you will once again recognize.

To maintain the impressive luster, Mortensen and Son technicians will use a waterproof sealant to protect and repel dirt and other contaminating agents. Your tile and grout will remain a valued part of your home or office for years to come.

Let Mortensen and Son floor you with their results!

Full Wipe-down

Wipe-Down service will help rid your home or office space of dust, dirt, allergens, and potential illness.

At Mortensen and Son, the Son that brightens your day, we enjoy a good Wipe-down in high places, dusty places, dirty places:

  • Fingerprints from windows, refrigerators, etc.
  • Smudges and marks from walls
  • Appliances
  • Bathrooms
  • Bookcases
  • Wall-mount TVs
  • Garage shelving
  • Ceiling fans
  • Corners of all kinds

You name it! Mortensen and Son will wipe down your spaces leaving your home or office sparkling clean! It is our pleasure to help keep you healthier, and happier!

Please remember us for your carpets, rugs, upholstery, and floor cleaning needs.