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Using the most popular form of carpet cleaning, the Extraction method is performed using a state-of-the-art truck-mounted Carpet Steam Cleaning system. Your carpets are pre-stain and spot-cleaned in high traffic areas. Using this method, the solution is then extracted with high-heat water at a strong PSI into the carpet and the polluted water is drawn out with a strong (CFM) cubic force per minute. This method leaves your carpet moist to the touch; not wet. Carpets will dry at a faster rate, more evenly, and any spots once there – will not return. Enjoy the fresh scent that lingers reminding you of a deep clean that is safe for kids and pets.

Bonnet Cleaning – Quick Drying For Your Home Or Commercial Spaces

Bonnet Cleaning – an Encapsulating system shampoo for carpets such as Olefin – a synthetic fiber mostly used in cleaning commercial businesses.

Glad to accommodate their customers, Mortensen and Son prides themselves in offering this system for customers who need a deep clean with little drying time in home or office spaces.

Carpets dry quickly and leave your carpets with a clean, fresh scent every time!

Contact Mortensen and Son for your carpet cleaning needs! Traveling the Bay Area, leave your carpets in the hands of professionals!

Mortensen and Son Proudly Offering Host Dry Cleaning.

Host Carpet Cleaning- is asked for when customers prefer that certain carpets not get wet. There is no waiting for carpets to dry; you may walk on them immediately. Your carpets can be spot-cleaned or have the entire area cleaned.

This plant-based method is safe for pets and children and saves water and energy.

If you are interested in Host Dry Carpet Cleaning, contact Mortensen and Son for an explanation of how Host might work safely in your home or office.